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Wild pigs are a threat to the environment, and the current solutions are not completely hassle free. With issues regarding false trappings of animals, our solution aims to use the power of IoT to recognize animals going into traps and only close the trap when needed. The trap will keep the user informed by sending them a text message.

How does it work?

The module can be attached to standard pig traps.

The product itself is powered off the Raspberry Pi 3B running Tensorflow


Team Members

Edwin Tran

EE/CS Major at Sonoma State, as extensive programming and hardware experience. specializes in interfacing the hardware, as well as the scripts that the hardware will run off of.

Richard Mitts

EE/Math Major at Sonoma State, experienced in circuit design as well as physical design. Responsible for the door system, and the battery system.

Taylor Plorin

EE Major at Sonoma State.  Specializes in analog and digital circuit analysis and design.  

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Special thanks to Shivakumar Mathipathi and Chris Halle for advising, as well as the SSU Engineering Department for the support.